Antony Price’s "Macaw"

A few years ago, my favorite website Showstudio organized a project called Fashion Revolution. They asked designers like Antony Price, John Galliano and others to share production patterns from past seasons with the public, and then posted links to them online.
This is one of the dresses by Antony Price, called “The Macaw”. The pattern for it is here.

I’ve downloaded the pattern and am going to try and sew it up this month. I’m curious about how the “spikes” are created – I’d like to be able to use the concept to create new patterns with spikes coming off of the shoulders for the Lady Gaga sewing workshop in March. I think that the 3D shape comes from cutting long curved pieces on the bias like this:
…so that they curve together when sewn up. A stiff interlining should help them keep their shape.
And my friend Danielle has posted a great interpretation of the work of Genvieve Sevin-Doering here.
I also went to look for Julian Roberts fantastic Subtraction Cutting .pdf downloads which you can read about here and watch here but he has taken them down, and is now selling his book online here. There were some pretty great instructions which he had available online, but you’ll have to travel to England if you’d like to have Julian teach you about them now…