Lady Vava goes Gaga! ‘The Make Den’ in the Star Today….

I’m pretty excited that The Make Den is in the Star today, and I love the article that Vivian wrote about the Lady Gaga sewing workshop. The headline reads: Metallic oven-mitt liner transformed into swank blazer at The Make Den. And Vivian Songs article is full of funny quips like this:
“It’s a huge leap for me and I’ll provide a full disclaimer here: When it comes to fashion, I’m pretty vanilla. I partially blame my adorable but fashionably rigid mother, who likes to pair mint-green sweaters with mint-green pants and a “pale green” handbag as an accent. Think really cute limesicle on short legs.”

But my favorite part of the article is this:
“Time is ticking, but Lady Vava, as I’ve decided to call my outfit, needs an accessory. I’ve scavenged some mesh and play with the material, bunching and squishing it in front of the mirror, all the while asking myself, “Is this something Lady Gaga would wear?” And slowly it dawns on me how refreshing it is to escape from the confines of convention and create what my imagination bids. Time and skill permitting, the veil-slash-headpiece would have been a purple mesh armadillo to complete Vava’s look.”

Vivian and Dina were great students and we had a tonne of fun sewing together all day. I was super happy at how their jackets turned out, and we had alot of laughs as they were getting made. I can’t wait to post more pics of the weekend. You can read the full article here.