Style Builds Substance!


From Nicole Baute’s recent article about PACTfashion and The Make Den:

“Mohammad is learning to sew for free through PACTfashion, the newest of the PACT Urban Peace Program’s life skills programs. The program connects high school students from at-risk neighbourhoods, or those who have wound up in the court system, with Stickney, who coaxes them to put their foot to the pedal, learn sewing basics, be creative and work together.

In January, 29-year-old Stickney opened The Make Den, combining her background in fashion and sewing with her innate gift for teaching (her firm-but-encouraging tone betrays the fact she was raised by two teachers). By February, she was running the first PACTfashion class, working with PACT co-founder David Lockett and teaching a small group of teens how to make prom dresses. The program is sponsored by Fabricland.”

Nicole visited our class several times as she was writing her article – she was originally interested in writing a piece about Prom classes at The Make Den – but when she heard about the PACT sewing classes, combined with Jeanette Linton’s trip to Jamaica to attend Caribbean Fashion Week and to shoot the dress we were making for her, she knew she had a great story. You can read the rest of the article here.