The Make Den makes it to The Best of Toronto!

From the August issue of Toronto Life Magazine:

“Julia Roberts recently told Oprah that she makes her family’s clothes, proving that this year, sewing is officially the new knitting. The place to learn basic techniques is the Make Den, the studio space of second-hand goldmine 69 Vintage. The DIY sewing program is run by Irene Stickney, a Ryerson fashion grad. Small-sized, five-week Sunday classes ($220) serve beginners and teach how to execute patterns and use a sewing machine like a pro. Occasional courses include a Lady Gaga–inspired workshop that teaches participants how to fashion a pointy-shouldered getup.”

Awesome. I imagine the trophy will be coming in the mail any day now…


6 week beginner sewing classes are starting on Wednesday Sept 1st, and run from 6-9pm. Students learn to use the machines while making simple projects like headbands, summer dresses, bolero jackets, pillows and slouchy bags. Classes are $220~ including materials.

10 week evening wear classes are starting on Thursday Sept 2nd. Students (beginners are welcome) learn to sew while making themselves a fully lined evening-wear dress!!! Classes run from 6-9pm.

Please email irenestickney at to register!