Nightshades and Tigerlilies


A Spring Pop-Up Shop Featuring:
The Deadly Nightshades
Tomorrow Never Knows (Vintage and Handmade)
The Make Den (Boudoir Inspired Recut)
Chaton Rouge (Repurposed Fur)
The Gild (Bicycle Seat Covers)
Fierce Deer (Handmade accessories)
White Cat (Cycling Caps)
PACTfashion (Handmade Recut handbags)

Thursday March 31st
The Drake Underground
Admission is free

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Spring Fever is here-here-HERE, eager beavers! Lilies will make you feel silly and Nightshades will bring the First-Aid for your winter aches and breaks! Tomorrow Never Knows what spring holds so brighten up your wardrobe with pretty vintage peaches and lots of lace! Go on and slip on some chiffon – The Make Den will be unveiling a new line of delicate dainties and Chaton Rouge will be shakin’ a tail with repurposed fur accessories as well as bicycle seat covers from The Gild collective.

And don’t forget handbags designed and made by students at PACTfashion. PACT is a charity which helps create urban peace through life-skills programs like sewing, gardening and cooking.

Also – stick around the Drake for an afterparty at 11pm with The Nightshades. See you there!

Photo credit: Many thanks to Jenn Nouveau at for her beautiful pictures!

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