4 thoughts on “New Recut Pieces from Nightshades and Tigerlilies…

  1. What do you mean by new recut pieces? I think I’m being slow here.

    Are these for people of all sizes? I’m about a size 18 other than when i look at pattern sizes and i’m a 24 – are the patterns size friendly?

    Are the pieces lined? I think the white shell is oh so cute but how wearable is it?

  2. Hey Yvonne,
    These are pieces that are made from vintage fabrics like curtains and table clothes – hence, new recut pieces. They are made using really easy to sew patterns that we have developed during the last 2 years of sewing classes at The Make Den – they’re available ready-to-wear, or if you’d like to come and take a class you can resize the pattern to fit you perfectly! Then you’re free to make the pattern in whatever fabric you’d like – lined or unlined, depending on your taste!

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