People we love: Jess G!

Colour photo:

Jess’s prom was last Friday – check out her adorable vintage-inspired look in the black and white photo on the left. We designed the dress together based on a description of her dream dress – lots of flowing chiffon, lace and draped shoulders. The flounce on the shoulder went just low enough to show off her tattoo which reads: “embrace uncertainty”. The dress has a sweet-heart neckline with gathers in the centre, a lace overlay and of course – lots of flowing chiffon! We had to stay late to make some last minute changes to the dress – but in the end it was totally worth it because she looked SO stunning in it!!! And although the dress sustained some lipstick related injuries during her prom, it will be in good shape again before the 26th – the date of Jess’s next prom.

(Sidenote: to remove lipstick stains, remember that lipstick is basically grease. Start with alcohol, which works well. Do not rub, or you’ll spread the mark. Simply take a clean, white cloth and moisten it with alcohol. Then, blot the lipstick stain with a cotton swab, which will disappear. Other options include hairspray, Dawn soap or ammonia. Remember to ALWAYS test the treatment on a part of the garment like the inside of the hem or back of the dress which doesn’t show too much first! Spot treatments can leave marks too if used on the wrong fabrics.)

Jess is super-smart and also totally gorgeous – she has not only written her own play which is being produced at her highschool, but also did a phenomenal job modeling for The Make Den at Alternative Fashion Week in April!!!
We love you Jess!!!