Prom: Best Dressed


Here are the final shots from Victoria’s Pre-prom party! She had a vision for her white dress and contrasting Yves Klein blue shoes – love how she matched the shoes to her dates tie, too!!! Did I mention that she made the dress herself? Vicky came back by the studio for Saturday’s class to tell us all about her prom adventures. After working so hard on her dress for almost 4 months, it was really great to hear all about her big night. It sounded like Vicky had the prom of her dreams – she party hopped beforehand, and then jumped on a giant bus with 22 other couples and headed to her actual prom, where she danced the night away until the clock hit midnight! We were all so proud of her and happy that she had such a wonderful night. The best story in my mind though, was when her Vice-Principal (who has his own fashion line!) stopped her and asked her where she got her very expensive-looking dress! It’s the moment every designer dreams of and nothing feels better than saying “I made it myself!!!”

Congrats again Vicky!!!

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