Natural Dye Workshop: Walnuts


We had SO much fun at the natural dye workshop here at the studio on Friday. With so many different colours and smells coming from the bubbling dye pots, I was reminded just how awesome mother nature really is. The walnuts that have been decomposing in water on the back patio all month… Siv is dipping the wooly sweater into the dye bath here, wrapped in nylon mesh to protect it from all the walnut husks. When the husks started to rot, they turned the water into the most amazing inky brown colour. The dye bath looked like a witches brew, but when we started to warm up the walnuts on the stove, it smelled like baking bread – warm and spicy, with no chemical smells at all. The final colour with walnut dye is actually more of a golden brown rather than deep chocolate like the dye bath, but still amazing that they can turn water such an intense shade of brown!