Which Craft Series: Vegetable Dying 101/Friday Oct 28th


Double, double, toil and trouble… Muahahaha! Nothing like stirring a big cauldron of inky black walnut dye right before Halloween. I love the smell of a big pot of walnut dye, it is like baking walnut bread or even buttertarts except you won’t be eating these buttertarts – you’ll be wearing them! The photo above shows how many different ways there are to tie fabric before dying it. Witchcraft seems to be in the air right now, with Madeline sewing a pentagram and red tail onto her bathrobe right before Dentata played the Pop Festival in Montreal – not to mention Karen Palmer and her amazing new book, Spellbound – the story of her travels to a West African Witch Camp.

Karen is learning how to sew at The Make Den and sewing is it’s own kind of magic – crafty and clever, it never gets boring and weaves a kind of spell over you. The more you do it – the more you want to do! So the “Which Craft” series is named for Karen and Madeline and their Witchy ways.

Vegetable Dying 101 uses Walnut dye, a South American insect (called the Cochineal) and Logwood to create simple but beautiful patterns on silk and wool. Simple mordanting procedures are used to ensure your fabric is colourfast after dying it. Vegetable Dying runs from 11am-2pm and the class fee is $45~. Fabric is not included. Fabric must be delivered to the studio 1 week prior to class for pre-mordanting. Email themakeden@hotmail.com to register.