Mending and Alterations


Get that vintage treasure looking new again! With a little bit of darning, some shape at the waist and a new zipper, old clothes get made over into new ones. Then show some leg this summer once you’ve hemmed all your old maxi dresses – we’ll even how you how to turn the leftovers into a new skirt! (You’ll practice on many different fabrics like denim, wool, cotton and polyester – you’ll never need to visit the tailor again) Complete beginners are more than welcome!

Starting Sunday April 22nd, 12pm – 2pm
Starting Sunday June 17th, 12pm – 2pm
This class is 8 weeks long and each class is 2hrs.
Course fee is $250~
Email to register.

Class Outline: (8 weeks/2hrs each week)

Class One – The Basics
Sewing tools and tips review
Identifying fabrics and weaves
Identifying different types of fusing
Threading a machine
Determining the grain of a fabric and cutting on the grain
Using notches
Sewing a zigzag stitch at a wide and a narrow stitch width.
Bring your jeans, maxi skirts and floor length dresses to be hemmed!
Sleeves can also be shortened in this class.

Class Two – Taking it in/letting it out – Bring oversized shirts, sweaters, pants and skirts that need a little bit of shaping. Add elastic to an oversized t-shirt to turn it into a dress!

Class Three – Replacing zippers. Practice invisible, centred and lapped zippers on muslin before trying them out on skirts, dresses and jeans.

Class Four – Field Trip with your Instructor! Meet at the studio and then stroll down Bloor St. to check out the vintage digs we have nearby: 69 Vintage Buy the Pound, Salvation Army and Value Village! Get an expert’s opinion on what can be re-modelled into a super cute outfit – and what can’t. Try cutting off the top from one garment – and adding a skirt from another!

Class Five – Work on re-shaped vintage project.

Class Six – Work on re-shaped vintage project cont.

Class Seven – Opening and working with fully lined garments

Class Eight – Adding grommets, darning and patching denim