Congrats to the amazing, incredible and lovely Jenny Wheeler!


The Make Den would like to congratulate our absolutely amazing friend Jenny on the birth of her new son! Jenny is one of the most stylish, inspirational, beautiful, brave, smart, funny and awesome people that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. We met when she started taking sewing classes last summer, and I have learned as much from her about personal style as she has learned from us about sewing. Hanging out with Jenny is like having a fashion magazine editor in tow at all times. This pic was taken on our very quick trip to New York, in June this year at The Jane Hotel in Chelsea. Jenny had our itinerary planned, restaurants picked out, she even had specific designer silks picked out before we even arrived at MOOD! We spent nearly 5 hours there and then went wandered over to the Purlbee and Isabel Marant in Soho.

The next day, we headed north to the MET for the Schiaparelli Exhibit: Photobucket

The Circus Collection was what stood out the most to me, with the tiny embroidered men swinging across the shoulders of the pink bolero jacket, and which was notable for the amazing examples of embroidery from the House of Lesage in it’s heyday.  

 It was the best idea ever and I will always be happy that I got to have Jenny all to myself for a weekend before her adventures in motherhood started!