PACTfashion Students Own the Runway at Alternative Fashion Week

Last Friday night was super exciting for the Make Den and our wonderful PACTFashion students. After months of concepting, sketching, dying, sewing and fitting, our collection came to life as it debuted on the runway at Alternative Fashion Week.  Now thinking back on one of the most amazing nights of my life, I cannot tell you how proud I am of my dedicated students that gave up all their Friday nights to create a collection that left the audience inspired and myself in awe. 
 photo PACTV1_zps7a3b7dd4.jpg
The collection began with sketches and a
collaboration of ideas from the PACTFashion students. 
Photo taken by: Cate Lorimer 
So, if you haven’t heard of PACTFashion, it’s a sewing and design school that I run for at risk youths across the GTA. These talented students work together to design and create a collection that lives up to runway standards. This year, they blew me away by designing garments that Rihanna would be proud to rock on the red carpet.  The collection’s urban flavour and eclectic mix of prints and fabrics made it seem like it was designed by a group of professional designers, and not my teenage students. 
 photo PACTV3_zpsc1efdda2.jpg
On the left we see the final alterations to the 
jacket being worn in the photo on the right. The week before
the fashion show was full of last minute fittings and alterations. 
Photo on the right taken by: Cate Lorimer 
What blew me away was the real maturity I saw during the hectic week before the show. Coming in after school without any complaints, this dedicated team worked tirelessly finishing up the final touches and sorting out important details like hair, makeup, music and accessories.   Every student had an important role to play to the success of our show. Many people think that designing a collection is just sewing clothes. But if we had a reality television show, you’d see that our PACTFashion students gave everything they had to make their creative vision come to life. Designing a solid collection is a process, and these students didn’t care if they got their hands dirty. Spectators tend to forget how much work goes into 10 looks and 15 minutes on the runway, but this gifted group stepped up to plate and hit a homerun. 
 photo PACTV4_zpsf9966688.jpg
Our PACTFashion models strut their stuff on the
runway at Alternative Fashion Week. 
I can’t believe our walk on the runway is over, but I am seriously looking forward to our next collection. So make sure you stop by the Make Den and take a peek at what our PACTFashion team is working on. And before I forget, some of our pieces from this year’s runway show are available for sale! All the money goes back to the PACTFashion designers. So if you see anything you like, make sure to give me a shout!