The Public Studio + The Make Den = Collaboration Heaven!

*This post is brought to you by our awesome screen printing teacher, August.

trans* inclusionOne of my favorite things about screenprinting is sharing the skill with groups and communities I’m proud of and want to support, so when the Public Design Studio asked me to print these beautifully designed posters for them, I was only too thrilled.
Besides these posters, they’ve worked on lots of really interesting projects, like Sex, Etc., a magazine by and for young people to discuss sexuality, and then all of the beautiful public education work they’ve done.

Photo0168I wish I could claim credit for these designs, but in fact they’re the product of interns’ work at The Public. Some of them were more challenging than others, but thankfully we have such a well set-up studio here at The Make Den. I can’t thank Irene enough for letting me use the studio for days at a time to print these, not to mention insisting on such a high-standard of quality for the studio itself. When I first started assembling this studio last fall, my first instinct was to bricolage together a studio that was cheap and functional, even if it had a bit too much “charm.” Thankfully, someone was there to    

say, “Let’s just do it right,” and to pull together all the resources necessary to build an exposure unit, build tables and properly stock a professional-grade print studio.

Since last fall, we’ve had at least a hundred students come in for printing classes. Each group of students teaches me something new, invents a new technique I can’t wait to pass on to the next group and helps me re-discover the magic of learning a new skill for the first time. Some of their projects can be seen on the walls of the studio, if you’re ever looking for a bit of inspiration.

We have just recently launch open studios in the print studio, every Monday 5-9pm. This is available to any student that has taken a screenprinting class at the Make Den and is currently first-come-first-serve. There are also some advanced classes in the works, as per your helpful suggestions. Please stay tuned!