Tristan’s Diary – Day 1

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Hey, I’m Tristan and I love fashion!

 I took a two week course at The Make Den over the summer, where I put together my first garment with the help of Irene and everyone else at the studio. My goal is to become a fashion designer in the future so I’m fortunate to be interning at the studio this semester for grade 12. I had so much fun taking The Portfolio Prep Camp that the idea of interning at The Make Den for a few months seemed like an amazing opportunity.

 My first day as an intern was awesome! I met Ruby Joy who is a former sewing student from California and we went vintage clothes shopping down on Ossington. (F.Y.I. Ruby Joy is an amazing actress and so much fun to hangout with! She’s really cool and super talented. She has done some theatre shows down in Stratford and you guys should totally check her out.

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 When we got to Ossington Avenue, we visited some amazing shops like Vintage Mix 1 and I Miss You. We tried on lots of different outfits and Irene and Ruby even bought a few things. Ruby bought some super cool vintage shirts and dresses that looked absolutely stunning on her. She bought a cute white shirt with an adorable vintage design on the back and her dress was simple and black with a white peter pan collar. Irene bought a western style plaid shirt with white piping down the front. She also almost bought an adorable pair of 60’s buckled vintage shoes. I had an amazing time looking through all the designer vintage clothing and accessories and hanging out with these two super talented people!

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The prints and designs were absolutely amazing and definitely gave me lots of inspiration for what I would like to create next. Perhaps a vintage but modern styled dress made with lace and some pearls to go along with it. Maybe even a vintage styled top hat paired with a very tailored blazer and pants, with some sparkly heels. I can’t wait to start sketching! I discovered a new part of Toronto thanks to Irene. I will definitely be going back down again, but next time with cash. It is always fun trying on such cool fashion pieces, but owning them would be so much better!

 I am really excited to be an intern at The Make Den. Stay tuned for the next edition of Tristans Diary…

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