“Sewing Bloopers” winner announced!


We’ve been trying our “DARN-dest” over here to make sewing funny this week, so in that spirit, we asked our readers to post  their “Sewing Blooper” stories on our Facebook page to win an awesome Clover Chalk Pen.  Julie H. was our winner with the following post about some EPIC stitch ripping that she has been working on for over a year!   Here’s what she wrote:

“On my first quilt I was convinced by the quilt shop owner to use blue thread with the longarm to quilt it. Not long after I started, I realized that I hated it. Should have used white. It looked like a child had written on it with blue pen! The ladies at the shop convinced me to keep going and told me I would “love it” when it was done. I left the shop in tears when it was done. I am still picking stitches out a year later and plan to redo it. NEVER AGAIN!”

That’s definitely the most epic Sewing Blooper I’ve ever heard.  Julie, not only would I like to mail you your prize, but I would really like to help you stitch rip your project.    Does anyone else want to help Julie stitch rip the blue thread from her quilt?  I’d be more than happy to let you use the studio on a Friday evening (or two!) if we can find a team of sewers who want to come in and help out.   Teamwork!    In the meantime, I’ll remember to think twice about thread colour before using a longarm machine to finish a quilt!

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