Spin us a Yarn! Tell us your “Sewing Blooper” story to win!


Oh, sewing slip-ups…  Anyone who’s been sewing for long enough has made a few.  It can be as easy as forgetting to put the milk back in the fridge, or mistaking salt for sugar in the cookie dough.  DOH!  Oh well, that’s what stitch rippers are for, right?

If you’re like me and you sew/make things for a living, you probably take sewing mistakes pretty seriously – they can cost you time, money and sanity!  BUT this week on the blog, we’re going to try (TRY) and laugh about them – and hopefully share some useful tips for preventing/rescuing botched projects with one another, too!  Share your best “Sewing Blooper” story with us on Facebook and you could win a free Clover Chalk Pen!


Ready?? LET’S DO THIS!  Here’s mine:

The first time I sewed a patch pocket on I felt wildly excited about how straight the topstitching was -until I realized that I’d stitched all four sides shut – without leaving an opening for my hand!  NOT AWESOME.  Fortunately, the stitch ripper was enough to save me that time…

And since we’re on the subject – here are my top five “Anti-Sewing Blooper” tips!

1. USE A PRESS CLOTH  I can’t tell you how many disasters could have been prevented with this one little trick…   Burns are totally the worst and the iron is the easiest place for mistakes to happen when you’re sewing.  So go cut up some muslin before you press!

2. DON’T SEW WHEN YOU’RE TIRED  Unless you have a deadline – then I recommend a 15 minute nap followed by a Redbull.  Start earlier next time!

3. THINK BEFORE YOU CUT  Will the stripes match once you’ve cut it?  Will the pattern be going in the right direction on all of the pieces? Are you cutting with the grainline?  A stitch in time really does save time!

4. BASTE IT FIRST This makes stitch ripping a million times easier.  Plus it saves your fabric from potential holes if something doesn’t fit right…

5. SEW WHAT YOU LOVE  You’ll work way harder to make it pretty!

Alright, so: Did you cut through the table cloth while you were cutting your pattern out?  Use Mom’s best scissors for cutting paper? Cut your notches waaaaay too deep? No matter what your sewing blooper – we want to hear yours!!!  And what did you do to fix it?!

Post your story on Facebook to win!  We’ll be selecting a winner on Monday Oct 28th.



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