Tips Tuesday – Patch Pockets

Hello there crafters! Welcome to our very first Tips Tuesday here at The Make Den. Each Tuesday we are going to share a new sewing tip that you can add to your repertoire.

This week I will be showing you how to make a proper patch pocket. Sounds simple, I know, but there are always tricks to make any sewing task easier. And that is what Tips Tuesdays are all about.patch_pocket_1First thing is to determine if you want to match your prints.

Here’s a little trick I learned while making Aloha shirts at the University of Hawaii. Yes, if you study fashion in Hawaii you have to make a cheesy Hawaiian shirt as a project.

If there’s a print you want to match up, copy your pocket pattern on to tracing paper, then place the tracing paper where the pocket will be. This way you can trace some of the print from your garment onto the pattern piece and use this to place your pocket pattern for cutting.

patch_pocket_7patch_pocket_6Next, fold your fabric at the top of your pocket down to your notches and iron. Now fold the same piece down one more time for a clean finished edge.

Topstitch the top of your pocket.


Next, fold in the sides and bottom 1/2″. This can be tricky as they need to be exact. If your ironing is a little off it can be quite obvious. But not to worry, there is a trick for this too.

Cut a hard paper template of your pocket without any seam allowance. Place this template centred on top of your pocket on the ironing board. Now fold your seam allowance around the template and iron for a perfectly symmetrical pocket.

patch_pocket_4 patch_pocket_3

Now it’s time to attach your pocket to your garment. Place your pocket on your garment and pin.

When sewing down your patch pocket, you must reinforce the top. This is important because a pocket without a reinforced top will likely rip with wear.

Start at the top edge of your pocket and sew down to your topstitching. When you reach the topstitching, bring your needle down, lift the presser foot and pivot your fabric. Sew in along your top stitching two stitches. Pivot again and sew to the top. Now pivot and sew another two stitches back to the edge of your fabric. You should now be right back where you started. Pivot one more time and continue all the way around the pocket, pivoting at corners until you reach the top at the other end. Mirroring the first side, reinforce the top.


And, bam! You’ve got yourself a patch pocket!

Check us out next week for the second edition of Tips Tuesday.

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