Tristan’s Diary 2

Hey, I’m Tristan!  I’m doing my co-op at The Make Den, and I’m keeping a diary of everything I do while I’m at the studio.   Today, I’d like to tell you guys about some awesome sketchbook blogs I’ve been looking at.
I love looking at people sketchbooks.  My favourite place to draw is in my room or anywhere I can be alone. I really enjoy drawing at night because the darkness keeps me in a calmer mood. I also like listening to music as I draw because for me, music is a huge inspiration. Music can change my mood from sad to happy and that can easily influence how my designs turn out in the end.
I like keeping a sketchbook because I can keep track of my ideas. I tend to be a forgetful person so this helps me keep everything in one place. I also enjoy how in a sketchbook, nothing is permanent. I have the capability to change my designs as much as I want and as many times as I want. I feel like change is a very important part of designing.
I think it’s interesting when people incorporate different types of media. Looking through pages and seeing pencil sketches as well as pages full of collages and paints is captivating . You can get a better understanding of what colour palette someone enjoys working with and what types of media they feel comfortable using. I also enjoy how someones sketchbook is also a way to experiment.  For example if someone is not good with using paint or pastels, a sketchbook is the perfect place to try and work with those types of media until they become familiar. It is interesting to see the process from the first time someone tries something out right up to their latest experiment. Mistakes always make a sketchbook all the more interesting because no one is perfect!  Here are some links to Sketch Blogs that I like:
This fashion blog is super cool and a great resource for designers.  The name “Fashionary” comes from Fashion + Dictionary + Diary and it looks like this.   There is also a mens version here.
Their blog team searches through different fashion designers to see how they sketch and what methods they use. It shows tons of different style ideas and how much someone can accomplish by putting pencil to paper.
The blog also lists different fashion illustrators that no one should miss, such as Paperfashion and George Stravrinos  And guess what? Pencil sketches aren’t the only way to design clothes. Fashionary’s blog brings new ways to incorporate art into your designs. Like Pixels! Imagine a video game looking fashion illustration. Pretty impressive, right?
This blog demonstrates an incredibly creative way of using a sketchbook to project your fashion design ideas. Their example of a sketchbook uses collage to help maintain the theme and helps set the scene for the direction that the line will take. To create a collage like this for yourself, you can cut out images from magazines, and pieces of fabric, and paste them into your book. You can even take your makeup and apply it to the pages in your sketchbook. Try cutting and pasting models into your sketchbook to get the perfect form and then decorate them from there!
creative-sketchbook6 creative-sketchbook4 creative-sketchbook1
This sketchbook blog is fascinating. It explores the different types of fashion styles that are relevant in the world today and what sketches inspire those styles. It explores hipster fashion along with grunge and emo. The blog also explores different techniques of making prints and how that is present in fashion design. It’s interesting to see all the different types of media being used and how cutting and pasting or even painting can have such an influence on design. Sketchbooks can help you decide how to communicate ideas in the best way. The blog goes over historical inspirations as well as painters and everyday things that can hopefully inspire you as well!
In this blog we explore the blogger, Zoe’s fashion inspirations and sketches. We follow her through her process of looking for fashion inspirations from different designers and hearing her views on what they have designed. We then see her fashion sketches going from the proportional sketches of the woman’s body, to the garment sketches done simply with a pencil. Finally we see her finished sketches in colour and then her finished garments.
Each blog shows her process and gives different outlooks on all kinds of ways to use a sketchbook. With the help of these blogs, you guys can also achieve the look of a multi coloured, multimedia sketchbook that can help you express your ideas. I hope you enjoy!
See you next time for our next adventure!