Tristan’s Diary – Vintage Clothing Show

So I’m a little late posting this, but vintage never goes out of style! The other weekend I went with Darcie to The Toronto Vintage Clothing Show at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre.   It was so much fun! I got to see so many different styles and fabrics that you don’t see much of anymore.  Does anyone else go to a vintage show and think ‘Wow, wouldn’t it have been cool if I lived when these clothes were in style?’  That would be me.

While I was there, I managed to pick out a few favourites from all the wonderful pieces I saw. My first favourite would have to be a beautiful coat from Shboomz made with cow hide and leather. It was absolutely stunning and looked adorable paired with the green leprechaun like hat. It looked very classy but yet fun at the same time. Can you imagine all the attention you would attract while wearing a jacket like this? It would definitely be a show stopper!IMG_0344

Next, I found a stunning vintage lace dress by Adeline. I loved the lace used on the dress and also how it had a corset incorporated into the inside. The dress also seemed very versatile as you could easily dress it up or down depending on your accessories. For example, a lovely diamond necklace with a pair of hot pink stilettos would definitely make the dress perfect for a party where as wearing it with a few rings and a pair of flats could make it wearable for every day. The lace on the dress is just to die for and gives it the perfect vintage feel but with a modern cut.IMG_0306

Now for something fun, I found the coolest rainbow coloured sequined jacket by Uppington House. It looked stunning on Darcie when she tried it on! It was definitely her style. She would be the person daring enough to wear it out daily. If not, than this jacket would be perfect for a New Years party. You would definitely light up the room wearing that!IMG_0313

Not only was the clothing amazing, but so were the accessories! First we found a beautiful alligator skinned purse with the carving of an alligator on the front flap by Vintage Soul Geek. It might creep some people out, but I think this purse is very unique and quite lovely. Imagine walking around with it over your shoulder back in the ‘old days’. You would definitely be the centre of attention! We then see a lovely silver mask and an attention grabbing beaded tie from Poirier Schweitzer. These accessories are simply astonishing and are a perfect way to show off your style. Finally we saw a cute peacock feathered hat by Swanky Selections. This hat is the perfect statement piece for any outfit that doesn’t have much colour. If you are wearing grey, black or even white, this hat will add the perfect amount of colour and give your look a bit of a boost!IMG_0331

After looking through so many beautiful pieces of clothing, Darcie and I finally decided on a piece each to buy for ourselves. The piece I chose was a black jacket with some plaid accents all over and adorable metal buttons. Darcie’s piece was a super cute jean vest with a cow print and studs at the top. After having to look through so many amazing pieces, I think we were both pretty happy about the ones we picked out for ourselves!

Unfortunately not many of these vendors have websites but some can be reached at via phone numbers and emails.

  •  Shboomz – (519) 690-2286,
  • Swanky Selections – (905) 430-7260,