Tristan’s Diary: Zombie Costume Tutorials!

As you all know, Halloween is coming up fast. I am super excited about this as it is my favourite holiday. Nothing beats dressing up in funky clothes and putting on really dramatic makeup! As October is full of amazing Halloween events, I like to go and participate in the ones around the Toronto area.

The event I was most excited about was the Toronto Zombie Walk. Saturday was my first time going and it was so awesome to go out and walk around Toronto dressed as the undead. My friends and I decided to go dressed up as zombified nursery rhyme characters. How creepy is that?

Now, as fun as being a zombie may be, doing the makeup can sometimes be a little stressful. Watching Youtube videos is a great way to get an idea on how to properly apply Halloween makeup. I picked out a few favourites to share with you guys so you can get some inspirations about what you would like to do for Halloween. The first youtube vlogger I really enjoyed is Emma Pickles. Her makeup tutorials are amazing. She has different varieties of makeup tutorials ranging from princess makeup to zombie makeup. Whatever suits you best, it is there.Emma Pickles

The next vlogger I liked is Grav3yardgirl. She is a very bubbly person and keeps you entertained and excited throughout the entire video as she tutors you on applying makeup. Not only does she do makeup tutorials but she also does costume tutorials and talks about where to find the perfect costumes and how to make them your own.Grav3yardgirl

The last vlogger I really enjoyed was Klair de Lys. Her makeup tutorials are impeccable. These video are best for people who are more experienced with makeup but either way, they are wonderful and a great way to experiment using theatrical makeup products. Klaire de lys

Who do you think would look good as a zombie?
On our Facebook page, post which characters you’d like to see get “zombified”.  Also leave suggestions as to what great Halloween events you know of that are happening in the GTA. I would love to hear your ideas!

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