This September, The Make Den crew travelled to NYC to soak up the street style, the culture and of course the Spring 2014 fashion shows!  But how does it measure up against Toronto Fashion Week?  Well, we’ve broken down 3 major ‘Fashion Week’ categories to illustrate the major differences for you, dear reader.  Here they are:  People, Media and Clothing.


Category One? People!

New York
We met Courtney Love while we were hanging out after the Alexander Wang show, wearing all black and hanging out with a crew of her fabulously dressed friends.  Although she was in the middle of yelling at someone when we walked up to say hi, she was lovely to me when I wandered up to tell her how much I’d loved her music when I was in high school.  She shook my hand, said thank you and seemed very sincere.

While New York might have formidable characters like Courtney Love, Toronto can hold it’s own with characters like Robin Kay, the notorious former chair of the FDCC.  Although she is no longer as involved with fashion week (IMG are now managing the event), she was in attendance at the Mercedez Benz finalists show as a judge.

New York takes the ‘People’ category in my mind for sure.  It’s a giant celebrity playground, and meeting Courtney Love was a total life goal. Toronto designers would definitely benefit from more high profile Canadian celebs supporting fashion week!
NY = 1, TO = 0

susie_bubbleCategory Two? Media!

New York
One of my fave fashion bloggers, Susie Bubble was in attendance at the Louise Goldin show, wearing a fabulous transparent fuchsia dress with an electric orange skirt underneath.  Susie isn’t afraid to write intelligently about fashion and her taste is as eccentric as it is on trend.

Another one of my favourite fashion bloggers and fashion illustrator Danielle Meder, was the official ‘Sketch Artist’ at WMCFW, and could be seen in the front row at many of the shows, recording the looks with pen and paper.  You can see some of her work from WMCFW online here.

This is a close one – I LOVE Susie Bubble, but having an official Sketch Artist at Fashion Week is totally awesome.  Kudos to whoever thought of this – New York take note!  Toronto takes the media category.
NY = 1 TO = 1

Of course, the most important category of all is clothing!  In New York, we saw British Designer Louise Goldin at Milk Studios on W 15th street, and in Toronto we saw Klaxon Howl at Pecaut Square.  Although Milk Studios would take it if we had a venue category for it’s sleek, modern interior (and a refreshing lack of tacky sponsorship booths) we are just reviewing the clothing,  so here goes – Category Three? Clothes!

New York
Louise Goldin has had some incredible collections in years past.  I’d even go as far as to say that she might be one of my top 3 favourite designers…   but I wouldn’t count Spring 2014 as one of them – the palette was uninspired (I found the whites cold) and the cuts looked a bit uncomfortable.  And the models didn’t look like they were having any fun!

Klaxon Howl showed Teddy Boy/Modern menswear on a runway furnished with a bench and an old fashioned lamp post.  Designer Matt Robinson is obviously in touch with what Toronto is wearing.  This was a collection inspired by vintage clothing and cinema.  He used a diverse mix of models with tonnes of personality which was a refreshing change from the usual blank stare.  His clothes are casual, wearable and vintage, which are basically the 3 pillars of Toronto Fashion.

Toronto!  That makes our final score NY = 1 TO = 2.  Way to go Toronto!

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