We LUV Short Shorts!

i-luv-short-shortsBe honest – everyone’s done it.  On the subway home in mid-February, on a dark, slushy Canadian evening, have you ever said to yourself “That’s it!  I’m moving !” and meant it?  That’s what our student Christine did, and now she’s teaching Yoga and learning to surf in Nicaragua!   Christine teaches at Coco Loco, which is an eco lodge with a purpose and alot of soul in Chinandega, Nicaragua.  Coco Loco allows their guests the opportunity to work with a local non-profit, Waves of Hope during their vacation to build schools and provide healthcare and clean water to communities around the country.   It’s a great idea for anyone who’s not comfortable going to a traditional ‘all-inclusive’ resort, but still wants to travel south during the winter.  They also have Yoga Teacher Training (so that you can also become a yoga teacher and move down south!) and surf classes if you need some help learning to ride the tide.  rocco-surf  making_short_shortsThis October, we were lucky to have Christine join us while she was home for our Sewing Garments Camp, where she made herself a new pair of bikini bottoms to go surfing in!  It was fun making something, knowing that it would be worn on the beach a week later.  She used double layered spandex and a pattern that we’d drafted from her measurements.  You can see we lowered the front waist and raised the back to create a more comfortable fit.  You also want to adjust knit patterns to accommodate for the percentage of stretch, or else they’ll end up too big! short_shorts_draftJust as promised, Christine emailed us pictures of her wearing her new short shorts on the beach!  I love how they look with her navy rash guard and the baby blue waistband – but she didn’t tell us that her surfboard was pink, too!!   Obviously that is the best part of this whole amazing story.  Happy surfing, Christine!  beachremadasunsetclown

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