January Model of the Month: 2030QDC-R


I’ll admit it – I’m totally tech-phobic.  HTML gives me nightmares and I  won’t tell you how many times I needed to be shown how to use ‘screen-capture’ on my iphone. But despite my technophobia, I also love it when fashion embraces new technology – 3D printing is going to change how we live in the next 50 years, and digitally printed fabrics are just the best thing ever.  So when I sat down to test out my very first computerized sewing machine, the 2030QDC-R… I was nervous but totally excited!

I definitely didn’t need to be worried – it was super easy to use and has some awesome functions that I absolutely loved! My biggest discovery?  Automatic keyhole buttonholes!  They look super pretty on winter jackets and I wanted one just for that reason alone.  It also has a number of nifty stitches that I loved, like a “stem” stitch that would look great on a quilt, and a ‘darning’ stitch that goes back and forth automatically for patching holes!  Overall, it was a really smooth machine that I liked working on and had pretty much all of the bells and whistles that I like in a domestic sewing machine – speed control,
an automatic needle threader and an up/down button for the needle.

Who would I recommend this machine for?  Quilters!  If you’re interested in learning how to quilt, this machine also comes with tonnes of quilting freebies: an even feed foot (aka walking foot), a free-motion foot as well as an attachable guide and a table extension for your machine. I love me some freebies!

So what’s the verdict on computerized sewing machines?  Thumbs up!
I’ll definitely be investing in one of these machines because of the free quilting accessories keyhole buttonhole and all of the cool stitches!  Happy Sewing, folks!

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  1. I love attached the features of my Janome and almost all the sewing I do is quilting. The feet are an absolute must for most quilting projects, and having them included is a great deal.

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