Janet Sews: My Five Favourite Online Fabric Shops

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I have only purchased yardage online once. The colour and scale didn’t match my expectations.  Would I do it again? Probably not anytime soon, but I do visit online fabric shops regularly (editors note: We recommend always asking for swatches first, to ensure you know what you are actually ordering). Despite that fact, several online retailers do have extra features that I enjoy.

Mood, USA

Mood is my favourite fabric store. Located in New York City’s Garment District, this is the store where the contestants on Project Runway get their fabric.


mood plaidmood printed fabric


When I visit Mood’s online store I am curious about what fabrics are “treading”, “mood picks”, and “best sellers”.  You can create a “mood board” which allows you to post your fabric picks on a virtual board.  My favourite feature is the Mood Sewing Network.  I have discovered some amazing sewing bloggers:  Lladybird, Ginger Makes…, Diary of a Sewing Fanatic, on the Mood Sewing Network.

Emma One Sock, USA

I got a tip from an experienced seamstress about EOS.  Beautiful designer fabrics are offered here. I just look, I can’t afford them. I have however, ordered the occasional swatch (because it is free!). If you really want to make a purchase you need to act quickly, her stock tends to move fast. A great feature on EOS is their sewing column. The author provides excellent information about fashion fabrics. By the way, the author Kathryn Brenne, is a Ryerson Fashion Design graduate and runs a sewing school in North Bay!


emma one stock feathers


Gorgeous Fabrics, USA

What I like about Gorgeous Fabrics is that they provide links to specific patterns for each of their fabrics.  This is fascinating to me, as I find one of the biggest challenges of sewing clothes is making the right fabric choice. One great feature on this site is the Gorgeous Fabrics University. GFU is a series of educational videos. She also has a blog where in several of her posts she identifies herself as the Pressinatrix.  “Pressing is Sewing.”



Merchant and Mills, England

I enjoy everything British. This is a retailer that sells “haberdashery”.  They have some unique sewing patterns, fabrics, and sewing notions.  I really enjoy their design sensibility, but it might not be everyone’s cup of tea!



 Marcy Tilton, USA

Marcy is a pattern designer for Vogue, who has an aesthetic that I can appreciate.  Her fabric store is curated. She matches fabrics to specific patterns – her Vogue patterns of course! There are some fabrics on her sight that I can’t find anywhere else.  I have learned a lot about fabrics by reading the descriptions she includes. I may even break down one day and make a purchase.


If you have a favourite online fabric store, please share it with up in the comments section.

Happy Sewing!

~ Janet

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