Tips Tuesday: Finishing a Serged Edge

Have you ever wondered if there is a proper way to finish the ends of a serged edge? When I was learning to sew I was taught to simply cut these threads. This is a common habit amongst both home sewers and industry professionals, but it is not the best way to finish a serge. The ends of your serge will end up looking unfinished, and can unravel with time.

Here is the way we like to finish a serge here at the studio. First off, be sure to leave long tails at the end of your serge, at least 3 or 4 inches.

finish serge1

Take a darning needle (this is a hand sewing needle with a dull end and an extremely large eye) and thread all of your serger threads through the eye. Run the needle back under your serge for about 1 inch. Pull the tail all the way through and trim the excess.

finish serge2

You could stop here… but I recommend adding in one more step for good measure. Use a drop of Fray Check at the point where you cut the tail. Fray Check is essentially clear nail polish (which will also work in a pinch, btw) and will glue your treads in place.

finish serge 3