Fabric Shopping Under the Tel Aviv Sun

Written by: Talia Zoref

Photographs by: Talia Zoref

From left to right-Talia with fabric shop keeper, Talia looking at fabric ribbons, Talia trying masks at Shwartz Parvot fabric store(1)

From left to right-Talia with fabric shop keeper, Talia looking at fabric ribbons, Talia trying masks at Shwartz Parvot fabric store.

I am Talia, a Fashion Blogger from Israel.  As a fashion and sewing lover, buying fabric is one of my favorite activities.  I enjoy examining different fabrics while feeling the variety of textures, looking at the colours, and imagining how each fabric would look when it is a ready to wear garment.  Let me introduce you to fabric shopping in Tel Aviv.

Nahalat Benyamin fabric store2

Nahalat Benyamin fabric store

I visited Nahalat Benyamin in Tel Aviv, the center of the textile industry and a fabric shopping haven.  It is located next to the large Carmel Market.

I love this area because of the huge variety of tourists as well as locals who come from all over Israel.  Also, there are unique buildings in the area designed in the Bauhaus style.  Twice a week there is an Art Fair at Nahalat Benyamin with artists, actors, dancers, and singers who perform and sell their wares.

My visit began at the fabric store called Schwartz Parvot specializing in synthetic fur and fancy fabrics for theater costumes.  As you step into this store, you feel like you are entering a movie star’s dressing room.  All of the colourful feathers, the different types of fur and the sparkling fabrics stimulate your senses as if you are in a fantasy movie.

The clientele who frequent this store are designers who buy materials for costumes that appear in plays and on television.  Young designers and fashion lovers also buy here to make outfits and costumes.  The shelves along the walls have a variety of vibrant, colorful feathers, special furs, ruffles, and other items to make dramatic and special costumes.

Schwartz furs3

Schwartz Furs

Following, I went to a bridal couture fabric shop called Emis with rich, beautiful, and expensive materials where you can find every type of imaginable white and cream colored fabric made from hand beaded lace to elegant silk.  One of the latest laser cut fabrics caught my eye. It was chiffon blended into a beautiful flower pattern with hand beaded lace. The combination of laser with handmade work was intriguing due to the unusual mix of old and new.

At Emis, brides often come with designers who guide them to pick the fabrics.  Also, designers who create outfits for dancers purchase here.  Peak period at this store is in the winter when brides and designers start preparing to make wedding gowns and collections for the summer season.

Emise dancer fabrics4

Emis Dancer Fabrics

Another fascinating store is Halom specializing in sewing accessories.  They have everything including buttons, zippers, beads, threads, and items to upgrade a garment.   As a sewer, I love adding stones and lace ribbons to the edges of my clothes to change them and make them look like a whole new piece.

Knitted bench and bike outside Halom5

Knitted bench and bike outside Halom

Going fabric shopping at Nahalat Benyamin is fun and enjoyable.  You can make some sensational purchases to make special garments, go to cafes as well as go market shopping.  I highly recommend that you visit this area.

I hope you enjoyed discovering fabric shopping in Tel Aviv.

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  1. Wow!! I truly enjoyed reading about fabric shopping in Tel Aviv and seeing a tad bit of Tel Aviv. It’s on my list of places to visit and now included is visiting fabric stores there and taking a cool pic on the coolest bench I’ve seen in a while next to the coolest bike I’d like to pose beside 🙂 thanks for sharing!!

  2. Looking for a Tailor to make me a suit while in Tel Aviv. Any ideas or locations?

    Thank you,

    Kurtis Sargent

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