New York vs. London – What do you do when you’re accepted to Fashion School in two cities?!

FIT_CentralStMartins Make_Den

The Make Den would like to SERIOUSLY CONGRATULATE our student Vibi Palaguru on her acceptance to not one but TWO major international fashion institutions; The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, and Central St. Martins in London. Words can’t even describe how proud we all are of her for working so hard on her beautiful portfolio (check out those pics above!) and so we asked Vibi to write us a guest post about applying to FIT and CSM.

The following is a a guest post by Vibi Palaguru.  It details her path from “total sewing newbie” to “Future International Fashion Icon”. We’re so lucky to have such wonderful students!

When I first enrolled in sewing classes at The Make Den I had no intention of going to fashion school although I had always secretly dreamt of it. After my first “Intro to Garments” class, I thought it was confirmed that I was never going to fashion school because could I could barely sew a straight line.  Thankfully, Irene believed in me more so than I did in myself. Why? Because she and The Make Den team are AMAZING.

It took me about a year complete my portfolio, which now consists of 2 statement pieces, 7 final sketches and 2 meticulously crafted moodboards.  Majority of the time was spent at a sewing machine trying to master curved seams on my first garment which I found to be painfully challenging.  I love trends and Eastern opulence was making headlines during Fall 2012 so I decided to incorporate it into the two articles of clothing I designed by using a satin brocade fabric.  I catered my portfolio towards F.I.T’s guidelines while London College of Fashion was more concerned with the documentation process in my sketchbook.  However I was able to submit my portfolio to both institutions and receive a correspondence from both schools.

My first offer was from London College of Fashion for their International Introduction to Fashion Design program.  I was so ectastic and beyond thankful that ‘I, the girl who thought she would never go into fashion’ was actually accepted into fashion school that nothing else mattered; not even applying to F.I.T.  After a month of wavering and 5 reminder emails from F.I.T. notifying me that I was running out of time I surrendered my application (If you miss the deadline there is still hope).    Within a week, euphoria filled my life again I received my second offer into fashion school.  I felt like I hit the jackpot twice but which jackpot do you chose?  Euphoria was short lived and quickly followed by disarray and conflicting emotions.

I knew I was about to make a life changing decision so I turned World Wide Web for advice which only made matters more confusing with 1000000+ suggestions, then the holy spirits — no answer or signs there either.   Than, my friend Ali told me that “New York kicks Londons butt” which only made perfect sense to me.  The following day I made my tuition payment to FIT and never looked back.