Quilter Steph: Fills us in on Fat Quarters

I don’t know if you are like me, but I tend to like to collect fabric, and fat quarters are a perfect way to feed the obsession. You can buy just a little “taste” of each of the beautiful fabrics without really needing to commit to anything. I guess it’s like speed dating for quilters?


And what is a “fat quarter”? It’s a quarter yard of fabric, that is cut wide instead of long. So they take a half hard cut of fabric and then cut it in half again along the fold, so you get a half of a half, which makes a quarter. It is a nice way to give the user a wider piece of fabric so you can cut pieces that are more than 9 inches across.

And never fear, there are lots of projects that are “fat quarter friendly” including the beginner friendly Chunky Monkey Modern Masterpiece. It is an easy quilt that highlights a few of your favorite fabrics.

And a free project, that I really like, is this Flag Quilt Tutorial which is a little more advanced.
And, if by some crazy circumstance, you don’t have any fat quarters, you can get your hands on them at both studios!