What I Learned at Sewing Camp

What did I learn at my adult Sewing Garments Camp last summer at The Make Den?

boyfriend-blazer-under-50I can achieve what I thought I couldn’t achieve.

I picked a challenging project that stretched me and I learned a great deal.

Irene is really patient.

When you work really hard she will match your effort every step of the way.

Fitting issues.  I have narrower shoulders and it is relatively easy to adjust the pattern.

Bagged linings are not that hard.  OK may be a little hard.

Experienced sewers also get mixed up from time to time and that is OK.

Keep calm and get a seam ripper, again.

Sewing works on so many different parts of my brain and I think that is uber cool:  intuitive, mathematical, mechanical, 3D, 2D, design, linear, and spatial, detail, big picture…

Talking to yourself when easing in a sleeve is probably a really good thing.

Collars and lapel pattern pieces are really cool, especially now that I understand them better.

Tailored jackets have lots of interfacing and facings.

Sleeves made from two pattern pieces are beautiful.

Basting is important and it is worth the time.

A perfect fit is worth the time.

Choosing the right buttons is harder than I thought.

I really, really like fabric.  Nice fabric.

If you work on anything long enough, it will get finished.

Now that the garment is finished the end result isn’t as important as I thought.

I adore sewing garments.

I love being with other people that share that passion.

I didn’t really believe the notion that a sewing studio could become one of my communities.  But it happened and I am grateful.

The next session of Sewing Garments Camp it running the week of September 22nd-26th.

Happy Sewing!

~ Janet

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  1. This sounds like a great time! I love the comments about fabric… I love fabric too. Hopefully one day I can go to camp too.

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