Recap: Absolut Makerfest

makerfest artSome of you may recall that we were busy bees over the summer, designing a preping for Absolut Makerfest.

On Saturday August 9th we brought our fabric, embroidery machine and our 2 neoprene, fiberoptic dresses that we made for the event down to a mini Make Den that was built for us at 99 Sudbury. One of the dresses was even laser cut thanks to the awesome crew at Toronto Laser Services! The space they built for us was amazing, and made us feel right at home inside the seafoam semi-walls.

We crafted up a storm over Absolut Vodka cocktails, while Q-Tip and Theophilus London entertained the crowd. Hundreds of folks in attendance left with mini embroidery hoops to hang on there wall, a couple people even turned them into crafty bling! The event was amazing with 3D printers, a leather studio from Vancouver and tons of vodka pouring, mixing and shooting robotics. Can’t wait to see what they pull out for next years Makerfest.

makerfest make den crew

The Make Den Crew at Makerfest

lazercut fiberoptic neoprene dress makerfest

Lazercut Fiberoptic Neoprene Dress

makerfest prep

Makerfest prep over 200 machine embroidered hoops for giveaway.