I met my Canadian partner on a big gay tour of the world back in 2011 and left the small island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands to live in Toronto – one of the best cities in the world.

After leaving a small and somewhat conservative island, I decided to never again tone down my dress sense, which had always been so intrinsically tied to my identity. I unapologetically refused to abide by the gendered binary dress codes that had previously suffocated me. Herein lay the problem; most of the clothes I loved didn’t fit my body or gender – they had been designed for cisgender men. Frustrated and fed up spending money to have men’s clothes altered to fit me, I took out a loan, bought a sewing machine and started on a passionate love affair with fashion on my own terms.  And this is how alljackedup was born; born of frustration with the dated notion of the gender binary and from a desire to firmly plant roots in my beloved Toronto.

Zee and Me 1

Alljackedup was launched at World Pride in June 2014 selling matching bow ties for the dapper human and their hound. The website followed shortly after and can be found at Follow us for the latest news on Facebook.

Summer bow ties 1

Next on the agenda I’m super excited about a range of Canadian and Toronto-inspired boxer shorts to suit and fit all genders. The Make Den are kindly helping getting me started on this next project.

Toronto is the first place that truly feels like home and I want to celebrate that and give back to the very communities that make me feel like I belong. Thank you for having me Toronto, I love you in all of your diversity.

Wow, Lucas, Zee and Skye