I Made A Coat!

Vintage Pattern

The Make Den has a wonderful of collection of vintage and out of print patterns.  I found my pattern at the vintage pattern store, Redcurlzs, on Etsy.


Sewing Teacher

I decided to make my first coat so I signed up for Tailored Jackets.   I had the opportunity to work with Cat.  She is super fun to work with. She has fantastic experience in the industry and has a great deal of knowledge to share with you. You know those stressful times during a project?  Well, she is so confident and relaxed that as a result, that attitude gets transferred to you!

Fabric Woes


Boucle: A fabric made from uneven yarn of three plies one of which forms loops at intervals.  Boucle in French means curly. (Merriam Webster)

So I found my boucle at Fabricland on the clearance table.  There are reasons why bolts of fabric end up there!  It was probably an acrylic mix.  I loved the black, white and purple loops with a glittery silver yarn running through it.

I fused (interfaced) every piece of the garment before I began sewing.  That took about three hours.  As I began to handle the fabric it began to ravel at the edges – even with the fusing.  The loops would occasionally get caught and spring out from the fabric too!

I was committed to the project so I stayed the course!

Every Project has a Silver Lining

I found silver Kasha lining at Affordable Textiles on Queen St. Kasha lining is flannel backed satin that adds warmth without bulk.

Completed Project

I couldn’t be more pleased. Check it out the pockets too!

noname-3noname-2noname-1Have you ever made a coat?  Do you have plans to make a coat?

Happy Sewing!

~ Janet