Young Designer Talia Zoref tells us about her Fascinator Collection for Youth Love Fashion 2014

As a young passionate designer, there is nothing more exciting for me than presenting my collection in a live fashion show. In the fall I was busy sewing and designing my fascinator collection for the “Youth Love Fashion” fashion show at the Intercontinental Toronto Center. I have always been passionate about fashion and dreamed of persuing a career in fashion. Thus, I was so thankfull to be able to present my own designs in this fashion show. I feel it is an amazing idea to allow young designers to have an opportunity to present their own collections and incourage them to start their own businesses.

YLF 2014 Talia

Designing a collection might be hard work, but it is definitely worth it when you display the fruits of your labour. Sewing is a long process of constructing and thinking through your whole idea, but if you work, sew, reopen the the seams again and again, and most importantly dedicate yourself you can get something even better in return. You fullfil your visions, get experience, learn from your mistakes, move forward and receive more oppertunities to do what you love.

I truly put in alot of hours sewing at The Make Den Studio, rethinking my ideas and most of all, exploring my materials and searching for ways to turn my ideas and visions into reality. For a whole month, the studio turned into my second home when I was there almost every day working on my fascinators.

While sewing for the fashion show, I also had some difficult moments. For example, I was hand sewing a seam for an hour that did not come out well and I was really upset and frustrated, since I needed to rip the whole seam apart and start all over again. For one moment, I looked arround me and saw all the other designers sewing and not giving up. That was when I decided to bite my lip and give it another try. I had an image of my finished designed fascinator in my head and nothing was going to stop me from seeing it on the runway just as I imagianed it.

Talia Fascinator

One of the most improtant things that kept me going was my other young designer friends at The Make Den. We were sewing together, supporting, helping and encouraging eachother to continue the work and craft beautiful designs. I was also thrilled that that I got to meet them through the PACT program and was happy to meet young and passionate people twho shared my interests.

Now, after the fashion show I am pleased to say one of my biggest dreams came true and I got to see my collection go down the runway. I had an amazing experience helping out backstage, getting the models ready and most of all participating in the fashion show. I am looking forward to the next fashion show I will take part in.  I would also like to tell all young passionate people, to go out there and make their dreams come true.

Talia fascinator 2

Here more from Talia at her blog Fashion Scissors.