Farewell Summer, it’s been a blast!


If you happen to stroll past our little studio late into the evening on any given weeknight… or maybe a sunny Sunday afternoon, you’re more than likely to see a dozen or so dedicated students working hard on their class projects – from pillows to party dresses to zippered pouches to leather belts, it’s a beehive of activity in here…   But don’t let all the productivity fool you – we still know how to have a little fun!  Like this Labour Day weekend, for example – we invited Jaunt, Blunt Chunks and Charise Aragoza to play in our dreamy little backyard for an event called ‘Farewell Summer’, (curated by Isla Cowan, Maya Lyn and Ikoro Sekai). Such a magical night!  Our former student (and current Londoner/Vogue UK intern) shot these clips from our rooftop…

We were also excited to have vintage vixens Maya Lyn of Eleven Eleven Vintage and Isla Cowan of H3avyFlow Vintage sharing their edited selection of fall picks, photographers Daniel Reardon and Ikoro Sekai showing their work in the back yard, the beautiful work of artists Josefina Hernandez,  Fraser Wrighte, Jacqueline Ashton, Melina Mehr, Aurora Shields joining us for the weekend, and locally made swag for sale from The Manning Knot, and The Bacon Berry Cards.

Leia Bryans clean, simple and heartwarming prints and t-shirts are currently available for sale at the studio if you’ve fallen in love with them – we sure have!

We were especially proud to have Jack Jackson and their curated collection of locally made bow ties, All Jacked Up at our event.  Jack learned to sew at our studio about a year ago, and gosh have those lessons paid off – Jack just made their debut at the Brooklyn Museum as part of DapperQ, an interactive queer style event.  As part of NYFW, Jack is blowing us away, not only with their success but also with their commitment to their community and social justice.

Thank you to everyone who came out and joined us!  We hope you had a blast!!!


Top Photo Credit:
Jacqueline Ashton

Lower Print Credit:
Leia Bryans

Video Credit:
Tristan Amato