Irene Stickney – Owner

Irene_Stickney_the_make_denAs the owner of The Make Den, I’m so fortunate to be able to help people realize their crafty dreams.  From making a first pencil case to developing a university quality fashion portfolio, it feels good to know that I’m helping to make the world a craftier place.

I’m also a founding member of a really awesome arts collective/bicycle gang called The Deadly Nightshades.  As a collective, we have been voted “Toronto’s Fashion Hero’s” by NOW Magazine in 2008 and “Canada’s Most Fashionable Biker Gang” by the Genteel in 2012.  Our latest project is Fabric Bike, a short film by the Nightshades (shot at The Make Den) which toured 30+ cities around the world including New York, Paris, London and Tokyo with the Bicycle Film Festival in 2011.  Fabric Bike received accolades from the likes of Opening Ceremony and The Genteel.  Recently, we collaborated with an awesome Swedish company called Bookman on a limited edition DNS bicycle light that’s now available at Colette in Paris.

After attending Ryerson for Fashion Design, I worked in production at Jones New York and then as an alterationist at 69 Vintage.   I spent as much time in school helping others with their projects as I did on my own.  So I’ve definitely found my calling as a teacher.

-photocredit: Danielle Da Silva