Lauren Lazar

Lauren first took up sewing in search of a hobby that she could enjoy at home in her pyjamas. Little did she know it would ultimately lead to her spending so much time out of the house in the most inspiring, welcoming place in the city: The Make Den!

A true educator at heart, also teaching full time with the T.D.S.B. for over 10 years, Lauren believes anyone can (and should!) learn to sew with the right tips and techniques. Lauren enjoys dabbling in all areas of sewing from garments to quilting to handbag making. She truly loves her job at The Make Den, giving her the opportunity to both share her love of sewing with her students, and to continue to learn from her fellow amazing teachers.

In her spare time, Lauren loves to snuggle with her three feline sewing companions, and is also an active performer in the Toronto musical theatre community.

Lauren hopes you learn to love sewing as much as she does. (Pyjamas optional!)