Rowenta Actisteam













The Acti Steam Iron comes with a stainless steel soleplate to help prevent any rust.

The anti-drip feature that comes equipped with the Acti Steam prevents any water damage to the fabrics. With the extra-large water tank you can iron for hours without having to refill the water, which means more time sewing and less time refilling the tank.




    • Automatic shut off – This might be the the most important feature because no one wants to leave the iron on all night. The Acti Steam Iron will shut itself off after it hasn’t been used for eight minutes, as long as it is in the upright position. Even better is that it will also shut off after thirty seconds if it is left flat or on its side with o motion, which is a great safety feature because it goes a long way towards preventing accidental fires.


    • Comes with a water pitcher – One of the hardest things about any steam iron is filling up the water tank, I always seem to spill water down the side of the iron if I am filling it in the sink, using a funnel set up is a little easier though. The Acti Steam comes with its own water pitcher, which makes filling the iron a breeze.


  • Pro-Vertical Steam And Other Useful Features – Most irons cannot be used on a vertical position, which is why they have created pressure irons and garment steamers. The Acti Steam is one of the few irons that can be used in a vertical position. The iron also comes with a spray mist feature, variable steam options along with a steam burst option for that extra steam on the most stubborn wrinkles.