Let’s Sew it WILD!

Inspired by the book Sew Wild by textile artist Alisa Burke, this workshop will have you breaking all of the rules, and creating some awesome free-form fabric art projects – you may even be surprised how far your creativity can take you!

In this five-part workshop, we will explore several techniques for creating unique “surface-design” with painting and print-making, and the last two classes will focus on “free-motion” machine stitching, free-form quilting and constructing a project from the amazing fabrics you’ve created!

Register for each class individually (single class rate = $45), or take all classes together for a discounted rate of $200*.  Materials fee is $8 per class.

Sew it WILD Workshop Description

Workshop Leader: Linda V

Class 1: Sunday August ? Surface Design 1 – drawing and painting on fabric

In this class, we will begin to create our own unique fabrics, using simple drawing and painting techniques and applying elements and principles of design and colour theory.

Class 2: Sunday August ? Surface Design 2 – resist and discharge

We will play with some simple household materials (like glue and bleach!) to create unique batik-like fabrics made with the techniques of resist (strategically preventing dye from reaching fabric to create a pattern) and discharge (strategically removing colour to create a pattern)

Class 3: Sunday August ? Surface Design 3 – monotype printing and stenciling

We will explore two techniques to create fabulous printed fabrics using a more structured approach (stenciling) or free-form (monotype printing). Fabrics can be layered with different colours and patterns or “ghost” prints.

Class 4: Sunday August ?  Free-form machine stitching

Forget everything you’ve learned in Sewing Fundamentals (at least for awhile), now we get to have fun with our stitching without having to worry about our lines being straight!  We will learn how to adjust our machines to create “free-motion” stitching and “thread-sketched” designs with thread and quilt batting.  We’ll play around with a few different techniques and start planning a final project made of our printed and quilted fabrics.

Class 5: Sunday August ?  Fabric art project

In this final class in the series, we will create a simple (yet fabulous) project from our surface-designed fabrics (and/or commercial fabrics if need be) and using free-form machine quilting. Project ideas include an obi-wrap belt, journal cover, i-pad case, small wall-hanging, etc.

Are you excited yet!!!  Let’s get sewing wild!  Register online or email themakeden@hotmail.com with any questions or ideas.  If you have a group of three or more, interested in taking this workshop at another time, send us an email and we’ll figure out a time that works for you.

Current and former students are always invited to use our open studio time from 6-9pm on Friday evenings in addition to their regular class time. (Email themakeden@hotmail.com to reserve a machine at least 24hrs in advance.  Space is limited)

Photos by Alisa Burke, Interweave Press and Sew Mama Sew

*note, there will be no “make-up classes” offered for this workshop series, please ensure you are able to attend all dates if registering for the entire series.